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A firewall works as a barrier, or a shield, between your PC and cyber space. When you are connected to the Internet, you are constantly sending and receiving information in small units called packets. The firewall filters these packets to see if they meet certain criteria set by a series of rules, and thereafter blocks or allows the data. This way, hackers cannot get inside and steal information such as bank account numbers and passwords from you.

Basic firewalls such as the one included in the Microsoft Windows operating system, only monitor incoming traffic by default. This may give you a false sense of security. Keep in mind, outgoing traffic, with your credit card information, bank accounts, and social security number is not protected. A good firewall will monitor traffic in both directions. That is, both your incoming data and your outgoing data, keeping your private information safe. In addition to preventing unauthorized access to your PC, it also makes your PC invisible when you’re online, helping prevent attempted intrusions in the first place.

Most sophisticated firewalls also include a feature that continuously updates the list of known good and known malicious applications. This way, the amount of questions relating to Internet access is minimized and your computer protection is always up-to-date. Its this automated firewall support subscription service that allows your firewall to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

Although a firewall provides critical protection to keep your PC safe from unauthorized access, it cannot remove malware from a system that has already been infected. Therefore, a firewall should be used in conjunction with other proactive measures, such as anti-malware software, to strengthen your resistance to attacks.

CCS uses the industry leading vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Sophos, and Sonicwall) routers to act as a firewall for your business. These corporate level routers are designed to keep your data safe from the prying eyes of the hackers and prevent theft of your sensitive data. Firewalls also allow you to connect remotely, securely to your office from anywhere in the world so that you can work from home, in a hotel or anywhere that you have internet access. Carolina Computer Services firewall support service pack allows you unlimited remote support services to maintain your router/firewall.

If your PC is connected to the Internet, you are a potential target to an array of cyber threats, such as hackers, keyloggers, and Trojans that attack through unpatched security holes. This means that if you, like most people shop and bank online, are vulnerable to identity theft and other malicious attacks.

Let CCS come evaluate your system and make recommendations on what type of firewall is needed for your business and how you can benefit from the advanced features that the newer routers offer (like site monitoring, limiting employee internet access and reporting on the sites that are visited, Secure VPN access, combining multiple networks into one segment with VLANs’ and much more.

Let CCS be your “go to” consultant and put our 20+ years experience to work for you.

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